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Adapted by Arthur Stringer from W. Somerset Maugham’s 1913 Broadway play The Land of Promise, The Canadian was produced by Famous Players-Lasky and directed by William Beaudine. Its star, Thomas Meighan, had previously appeared in a 1917 adaptation (retaining the play’s original title) with Billie Burke as his leading lady. In this remake she is replaced by Mona Palmer, as a refined Englishwoman who finds it expedient to enter into marriage with an unsophisticated wheat farmer in Alberta, Canada. This unsteady match faces greater tribulations amid hostile weather and burgeoning financial problems. Kevin Brownlow will be presenting his personal print of the film.


"The Canadian" (1926) Dir.  William Beaudine



Thomas Meighan  -  Frank Taylor


Mona Palma -  Nora Marsh


Wyndham Standing -  Ed Marsh


Dale Fuller -  Gertie Marsh


Charles Winninger -  Pop Tyson


Billy Butts -  Buck Golder