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Supporting the Cinema Museum

Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th of June



Ticket prices will be:

Weekend Ticket £30;

One Day £18

Half Day £12


Tickets on sale from April 15th




We will have the leading silent film pianists in the UK, Costas Fotopoulos, John Sweeney, Cyrus Gabrysch, Lillian Henley and Meg Morley. Guest pianist  Daan Van Den Hurk



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As with last year's show, we endevour to present the whole programme on 35mm or 16mm film. Mr Brownlow, and the curators from the Kennington Bioscope, will be on hand to introduce the films.

10.00 am - 10.15 pm  Saturday and Sunday


The final programme has now been released and contains rare and fantastic gems from the BFI archive and the personal collection of film historian, and national treasure, Kevin Brownlow.



This year’s lineup includes Curtis Bernhardt’s "The Woman One Longs For" (Die Frau, nach der man sich sehnt) aka 'The Three Lovers with Marline Detrich', Tod Browning’s crime drama, "The Unholy Three" featuring Lon Caney, a British version of

H.G Wells (the story of 'Half a Sixpence', the musical) with George K. Arthur and Edna Flugrath. We will also take a look at the films of Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack with a screening of what is considered one of the earliest ethnographic documentary films, "Grass". Socialist Cinema in the form of Phil Jutzi’s "The Shadow of a Mine" (Ums tägliche Brot), a film which documents the hardships faced by Silesian coal miners in Waldenburg and films of the First French New Wave and much more.