The Museum’s café and bar will be open throughout the event serving sandwiches, hot pastries, quiches, cakes, snacks, alchoholic beverges and hot & cold drinks.


The Jamyang cafe, adjacent to the Museum, will be offering a delicious evening meal service during the festival. We encourage you to pre-book when you purchase you festival ticke so we can have your food ready to go, then you can spend less time in a queue and more time sitting down enjoying your meal and break.








Pre-booked dinner: £6.50


You can pre book your dinner when you buy your ticket for the event. 

You will be given a special voucher on the door when you check in for the festival that you can present at the Jamyang Cafe next door.


If you have already bought a ticket for the event and want to pre book dinner then don't worry. There is no transaction charge for pre booking meals.


Just click here.



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